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Aditi Pimprikar is a visual designer interested in art, design and research. Her passion for creating (intelligent) and (playful) artefacts define her work. She uncovers surprising results by focussing on the process instead of the outcome. Here’s an inclusive list of her projects.


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Aditi Pimprikar is a visual designer interested in the intersection of art, design and research. Her medium agnostic practice spans these three areas. Originally from India, she currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating with an award winning project, she worked as a type designer with ITF, then moving to Melbourne to pursue her masters at RMIT. She then graduated with a high distinction and worked at several organisations along the way. ↓

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Things I like:

Grotesk fonts
Flat white
making lists
geometric shapes
weird people
talking less
People watching
Board games
Patterned knitwear
comfy sneakers

Shout out to the people that inspired me!

It's been a rollercoaster ride so far, and I've been lucky and am utterly grateful to have met these wonderful humans that inspired me along the way.

Ashwini Deshpande
Brad Haylock
Reshma Thomas
RoseAnn Francis
Stuart geddes
Satya Rajpurohit
Noel Waite
Vincent chan

Great, you've played around with the site, so here's some bonus info about me, just for you!



Here’s a collection of her work till date. ↕

Arup Research Review
Program Records
Collingwoods Arts Precinct
Reading Type
Volte, a Geometric sans
Wunderkammer, an Infinite Directory
ACMI Campaign
Akhand Multiscript companion
Lanka Sinhala
Citrus Typeface
Loose Associations